How many times have you been on a major interstate and missed your exit because you didn't have enough time to get over? ClearTurn will notify you up to 3 miles ahead of time with a reality view of the exit.
RightWaynow features Lane Assist as not all exits are on the right-hand side of the highway. With Lane Assist you will know which lane to be in ahead of time so you don't have to cross several lanes of traffic to get to your exit.
*   Detailed Street Maps of the U.S.
*   Intuitive User Interface With Predictive Text Data Entry
*   Voice Prompts
*   Street Name Text-To-Speech
*   Destination Entry by City, Zip Code, House
     Number, Street, or Intersection
*   2D & 3D Driving Vews
*   Driver Safety View
*   Itenirary View
*   Choice of Route Set-Up
*   Automatic Re-Route
*   Pre-Trip Planning, Preview, and Route 
*   Automatic Day/Night Mode
*   Multi-Stop Route Optimization
*   Personalized Route Options
*   Gas Calculator
*   Over 1 Million Points of Interest