Minikey is a slide-out Bluetooth keyboard and protective case for your IPhone 4. 
The Minikey is a full Qwerty keyboard.  Its backlit keys and tactile feedback help you type faster and more accurately than you could with the on-screen keyboard.
By eliminating the need for the on-screen keyboard, the Minikey acts as a screen extender, effectively doubling the viewable area while typing.
The backlit keyboard makes typing in poorly-lit areas much easier.  The backlight may be toggled on or off to suit your own preference.
Want to make use of editing shortcuts?  You can with the Minikey.  Comand + C to copy , Command + V to past, Command + Z to undo- with these and other shortcuts you can quickly and easily edit text on your IPhone.
Stop looking through keyboard screens for the symbol you want!  The Mini Keyboard has a range of common symbols which can be typed quickly and easily at a press of the Function key
The Minikey has three modes:  Power Saving, Always ON , OFF.  The Power Saving mode conserves battery life by breaking the BT connection to the keyboard when it is left idle for ten minutes.  If you prefer to slide-and -type without delay, use the Always ON mode to keep the BT connection active at all times.
The MiniKey has its own separate power source, so it won't drain your IPhone battery!  The built-in rechargeable battery connects with an included miro-USB cable.  A status LED shows you when the keyboard is charging or low on power.
The MiniKey's case features a series of carefully-positioned metal springs that connect your IPhone antenna to the case's metal backing, allowing it to become one with the antenna.  This connection compensates for the reduction in signal strength so common to other products on the market.  The springs are flexible and will not scratch your IPhone casing.