Creates enhandced stereo separation offering the benefits of a compact system with no setup needed while still enjoying an immersive audio experience with sound that surrounds you

The magnet that drives our voice coil is a unique blend of iron and carbon that allows a longer excursion of the diaphragm.  The "long throw" displaces a large air volume while creating deep, smooth bass.

The sealed speaker ports that control the airflow wrap from the driver to the rear ports.  The nautilus shaped path increases the air travel while allowing the acoustic chamber to fit within a compact footprint.
Enjoy great audio for music as well as video games and apps either wirelessly, docked or through line in connection.
Delivers balanced natural sound with smooth bass, vocal clarity and crisp highs that complement every genre of music
Keep your device in hand, not stuck in a dock while you stream audio from anywhere in the room.
Turn your IPad, IPhone, or IPod touch into the ultimate remote control wiht the complementary Soundfreaq Remote app Available on the App Store
Stream audio from any APP compatible Bluetooth product including IPhone, IPad IPod touch, Android and Blackberry devices.